Project Management Oral English Improvement

Description: Project Management Oral English Improvement Service:   .  Practice your Project Manager English Communication Skills with a USA PMP/PgMP project manager professional .   . A 1-on-1 intense English speaking practice using Project Management vocabulary, processes, and work environment scenarios. Purpose:   . Improve your project manager communication using English with deeper understanding of USA project management best practices mindset (Per PMI, Project Management Institute, USA). Speaking Coach:   . Dr Paul German D (USA citizen & native speaker) is a certified PMP and PgMP professional (Per PMI) with many years of experience working in various industries in the International market (USA, Asia, Europe) leading multicultural project teams. Speaking Content:   . Practice speaking all aspects of a project in English …   . Discuss full-cycle: planning/execution/controlling/closing…   . Discuss the project management plans and scenarios in English …   . Discuss Project Manager Interview preparation in English …   . Others … Price:   . Project Manager’s PMP English vocabulary practice: 350 RMB per 45 mins Recommended for project managers:   . Familiarity and experienced with the project manager processes   . Or/and Holding a PMP PMI certificate or equivalent within the last 2 years   . Professionals planning to interface with English speaking Stakeholders (Customers and/or Team members) Contact   . Dr Paul German D (PMP, PgMP, PhD EE), (   . +86 13052507139 ;  Wetchat drd7111  ;  [email protected] Referral Fee Incentive (for every referral … you get 10% fee per every hour )

Publish Date: 26-01-18