Project Management Spoken English Improvement

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Shanghai (上海)
Posted by Paul German on 08-02-18
Project Management Spoken English Improvement

To whom it may concern,

  I’m posting this message because we’ve recently helped a number of project managers increase their average project management technical spoken English by as much as 40%.
  I know that at you or your company and others there’s increasing pressure these days on project managers communicating with English speaking stakeholders.
  Could I ask you a few questions to see if there’s any chance we could help you or your company as well ?

Improve project manager’s spoken English communication skills.  In addition deeper comprehension of USA project management best practices mindset (Integrity, Principles, and Ethics beyond mimicking PM words and concepts).

Market Demand
Project managers (PMP certified) 774,406 (June ‘17): China 125,502+ (fastest growing) , India 38,984, Spain 9,995,  … , USA 293,862

Contact Info:
+86 13052507139  [email protected]

Regards, Dr Paul German 


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